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Present cards effectively in a folding card and envelope.

With the right packaging your printed cards are complete

CLARITY & SUCCESS offers you high-quality packaging for your professional customers, where you can submit your personal customer card, vouchers or Jewellery certificates to your customers. So think about the complete customer experience with some simple additional elements.

Folding wallet for the printed card

The cards can be easily fixed with transparent silicone glue dots in the packaging. Subsequent removal is not a problem as the glue can be easily removed. For example, when you buy a gift card, your customers receive the right gift packaging and the card is not lost. Also lines for a personal dedication can be immortalized on the inside with a golden lacquer pencil.

Transparent cover

For the special icing on the cake, the transparent envelope ensures the contents and the lovingly designed folding card gleams through wonderfully. Here we gladly take over the design and printing of the outer packaging. It is, of course, possible to obtain the packages in a different format or the envelopes in other colours. The price may vary accordingly. You can order the outer packaging, glue sticks, envelopes and pen in our package. So you have everything at hand to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Note on format and color

We are happy to design and print the folding cards in the format Din Lang (closed end format 99 mm x 210 mm) with your logo and the colours of your shop. Quantity: 1.000 cards. Special colours and finishes are possible, but can incur an extra charge. Please send us your logo in vector format. The transparent cover, which is suitable for Din Lang, is not printed by us. You can also send us a completed print file in PDF format. Please send us the print file in the open final format of 198 mm x 210 mm + 3 mm margin addition (closed final format 99 mm x 210 mm).

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Package price

Per 1,000 card wallets including design, glue dispenser, transparent envelopes.


Special colours and finishes are possible but will incure an extra charge.

£ 790

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