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Repair Bags

More order and security for your repairs. 

For better customer service

With the CLARITY & SUCCESS repair bags, you can keep track of your repairs easier than ever before. Thanks to years of experience and close collaboration with goldsmiths and manufacturers, the repair bag has been specially adapted to the needs of the Jewellery and watchmaking industry. Through the practical knowhow of the industry and CLARITY & SUCCESS‘s customer-specific knowledge, the packaging offers several advantages in terms of use and handling.

To ensure safe storage of the Jewellery and watches, the repair bag is made of a durable 200µ PVC material. This not only prevents the repair bags from being damaged too quickly, but also the records and, above all, the customer‘s Jewellery are protected. It is also advantageous that the repair bags can be used repeatedly and the environment is thus protected.

"Our staff are delighted with the new repair bags and feel it gives a much more professional service for the customer.  The product is protected throughout the process and the receipts are kept clean and presentable in the front pockets."  Dominic Wakefield, Wakefields

"They have made life a lot easier and more sustainable" Wes Suter, Steffans Jewellers

All data in view

On the front are two sections of different sizes. In the larger compartment A there is a double-folded DIN-A4 sheet (envelope size). Here you can place the repair reports or correspondence to the manufacturer or service provider. In the smaller slot B, you can keep the repair certificate, which is printed directly from the repair management with a bar code. The CLARITY & SUCCESS folding receipts of DIN A6 are ideally suited here. Both slots have a rounded recess at the top of the edge, so that the slips can be easily removed.


Since the compartments are made of a transparent film, all information of the repair order can be viewed directly at a glance. In addition, the barcode is readable through the film. Therefore, it can be scanned without extraction, can be immediately found in the repair management on the screen, or even collected.

Visible repairs

The back of the repair bag consists of a large compartment in which the Jewellery and watches are kept. This can be closed with a zipper, so that everything is safe in the repair bag. So both small and large products are protected and cannot fall out. Since this also consists of a transparent film, you can immediately see what is in it.


For each repair bag, you receive a pouch filled with silica gel, which protects your repairs from condensation and prevents tarnishing of the Jewellery.

Special features

Overall, the material of the repair bag has a strong inherent stability. As a result, the packet can also be stored with the repair details showing so you will quickly find any repair you require. Since the zipper can be closed from the bottom to the top, there is no danger of loss when the zipper is not fully closed when standing.


The repair bags are available in four colours (see illustration on the right), so you can subdivide your repairs thematically, e.g. For Jewellery, watches, fashion etc.

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Price scale per bag

Price per bag

From 1 bag

£ 1.35

Price per bag

Frpm 100 bags

£ 1.15

Price per bag

From 500 bags

£ 0.95

Price per bag

From 1,000 bags

£ 0.85

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