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Till receipts

With individual point of sale documents we fulfill your individual requirements.

The business card of your store

Add a personal touch to any till receipt with your business logo or layout. CLARITY & SUCCESS offers a selection of different till receipts from standard to high-quality and exclusive. You decide individually which document you give your customers.

Thermal Roll

CLARITY & SUCCESS offers the standard thermal insulation in two different versions. You can choose between 80mm or 112mm wide rolls. The narrow roll is considered a classic in the retail trade. However, if you want to give this document a higher quality character, you have the possibility to do so with a broader document roll of stronger paper. For both variants the logo can be integrated for an extra charge. Please note that depending on the width of the rollers, different thermal laminators are also to be used. In addition to the receipt, it is also possible to print repair tickets, customer orders, collect notes for customer orders and reservations.

Cash registers A4 or A5

You can enjoy a more individual and professional design with the till receipt in DIN A5 or DIN A4 format. We will gladly take over the design and the layout of the documents. With this variant you can print very high quality till receipts and invoices. If you have stored article images in the CLARITY & SUCCESS software, they will be included with the purchased items. In addition to till receipts, you can also use the forms for gift card purchases, repairs, orders and reservations. The advantage of this variant is that the print does not fade even after prolonged storage. You can print the till receipts in your shop using an inkjet or laser printer.

Cash receipts A6

The bestseller is the practical foldable cover A6 with a central micro-perforation. Here too we will gladly take over the design according to your wishes and the layout of the back. The front will remain blank and will be printed directly in the shop. This variant can be used not only for till receipts, but also for repairs, orders and reservations. On the one side, e.g. The repair order which remains with you and is kept in the repair bag (see page 2). The page with the collect note is separated and given to the customer. So you and your customer have all relevant information at hand without much effort.

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Prices for till receipts and receipt printer

Prices for thermal roll

Roll size 1 narrow (80 mm), 80 m long, per roll

£ 2

Price printer for roll size 1

Inkjet printer, suitable for roll size 1 / narrow (80 mm)

£ 325

Prices for thermal roll

Roll size 2 wide (112 mm), 80 m long, per roll

£ 4.50

Price printer for roll size 2

Inkjet printer, suitable for roll size 2 / wide (112 mm)

£ 395

Prices for cash receipts A4, A5 and A6

10,000 pieces, one-sided designed by us and preprinted on 100 gram paper, suitable for printers

£ 475

Price laser printer

For cash register A4, A5 and A6, as well as for collect note, certificate etc.

£ 125

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