Signature Pad

In a few seconds, the signatures of your customers are stored digitally.

Because the future demands it

In a few seconds, your customers' signature will be stored digitally. For example, you can easily use your data protection clarifications, repair orders, orders or reservations, and save them digitally and forgery-proof as a file on your computer.

While the pad is not used for signatures, your ad runs like a slideshow at the sales table. If your customer needs to wait a moment, Display your current advertising on the display or remember that tomorrow is Valentine's Day!

The compact, particularly flat, sturdy and scratch-resistant signature pad is integrated into your CLARITY & SUCCESS merchandise management system. Thanks to the USB port, you do not need any extra power. The special coating gives your customers a very natural feel. While signing, you can keep track of what the customer is ticking and signing on your POS display.

Technical specifications:


Dimensions (W x D x H): 19.1 x 18 x 1.5 cm
Weight: 0.35 kg
Color: black-gray
Additional Services:
Display: 12.7 cm (5 inch) TFT color display
Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
Memory: up to 10 pictures
Power supply: USB port
Guarantee: 24 Months




This device is only useable with Clarity & Success if the device was purchased from Clarity & Success. In the case of third-party devices, a one-time charge per device is applicable.



Price for signature pad.

£ 360

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