Till workplaces

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The LONDON till

Intelligence and beauty

The LONDON till is probably the smartest till from CLARITY & SUCCESS so far.


You only need as much space to set up the till on your counter as you would for an A4 block. So, the London till offers you maximum performance with minimal space requirements.


Because LONDON delights in shapely design and high-quality workmanship through intelligent highlights. In addition to a whispering fan system, the till comes with a real innovation. The receipt printer is (optionally) integrated directly into the foot of the till. Annoying cables on the counter are now a thing of the past.


Not only externally does the till impress with its novelties. Industry-wide, it can be the first and only to detect damage (caused for example by viruses or Trojans) in the BIOS and independently resolve.


(BIOS = Basic Input / Output System: interface between hardware and operating system)


The 35.56 cm (14 inch) Full HD touch screen of the till can be rotated 180? in both directions, making it dual purpose as a customer screen (for example, to sign privacy statements with your finger).


The LONDON till

Basic price of the till without additional accessories.

£ 1,990

receipt printer in the foot

Colors: black or white

£ 470

Receipt printer external

Colors: black or white

£ 345

external customer display

25.65 cm (10,1 inch)

Colors: black or white

£ 425

Small customer display internally

Colors: black or white

£ 245

Barcode Scanner

Colors: black or white

£ 245

Cash drawer

WxHxD: 410 x 110 x 415mm

Colors: black or white

£ 145

tall stand

119 cm

Colors: black or white

£ 499

decoupled interface station

Colors: black or white

no extra charge

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