Video monitoring

View your business on the PC and smartphone at all times.

And this is how it works

Due to the increasing crime rate, Jewellers are also increasingly demanding higher security precautions. CLARITY & SUCCESS offers various professional and at the same time cost-effective solutions. The cameras provide distortion-free images of moving objects in full resolution. The monitoring software has been developed for professional video surveillance and recording. The function bandwidth includes all the required features for professional video surveillance, be it live view, remote access via network or internet, scheduler for automatic recording, alarm function (acoustic, via e-mail or telephone call via ISDN) as well as recording (according to schedule, motion detection or permanent). The cameras are powered via Power over Ethernet over the network, eliminating the need for costly installation of additional power cables and power supplies.

Advantages and functions

discreet camera design
HDTV quality
one cable only for each camera
Power over Ethernet
live video monitoring
remote access via the Internet also with the smartphone
alerting acoustically, by e-mail, call or push message
recording by movement or timer
and much more ...


Dome Camera Starter Package

Package includes:

- 1 Dome Camera

- software

- remote configuration

£ 999

Dome Camera

Dimensions visible area: Ø 9 cm, height 3 cm

Dimensions invisible area: 7.8 cm in the suspended ceiling

Weight: 0.26 kg

Color white

Horizontal viewing angle: 80 °

Warranty: 12 months

£ 339

Camera for outdoors with night vision

Dimensions: 26 cm forward x 13.2 cm all around

Weight: 0.8 kg

Color white

Viewing angle: 27 ° to 92 °

Warranty: 36 months

£ 679

Camera for indoors

Dimensions: 10.4 cm to the front x 7.6 cm all around

Weight: 0.3 kg

Color white

Viewing angle: 81 °

Warranty: 12 months

£ 399

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