Vision for the goldsmith's art

The artist among the master goldsmiths: Christian Mühlbauer

At Moulin, customers can admire every single work of art.

Just one of the artworks: Earrings with natural mica schist in matt 750 gold

Jeweller Christian Mühlbauer has been relying on CLARITY & SUCCESS since 2001

The name "Moulin750" stands for fine goldsmithing by Christian Mühlbauer in Munich. Since 1995, the goldsmith master of the Mühlbauer Jewellery family has been developing his own Jewellery collection in the third generation and participates in numerous exhibitions and competitions. Christian Mühlbauer sees himself and his work primarily as art - and as an artist, he needs the greatest possible vision. For the past 16 years, he got it from the Jewellery management software from CLARITY & SUCCESS.


"Good merchandise management software should make it easier for goldsmiths like me to work and optimise customer contact," says Mühlbauer, who has worked with CLARITY & SUCCESS since 2001. "At that time CLARITY & SUCCESS was the only program with a realistic price / performance ratio," recalls Mühlbauer. That is still the case today. "The software allows me to create lists of all kinds in seconds. Thus, the often tedious administration and especially the inventory is almost child's play.”


In his small but fine business, Christian Mühlbauer is the only one who manages the merchandise management. That's why CLARITY & SUCCESS support is of particular importance to him: "As a lone fighter you always have questions - at CLARITY & SUCCESS I always find a competent contact person who can help me quickly." Mühlbauer recommends future customers based on the past 15 years: "Everyone should take a lot of time for the training at the beginning in order to be able to use the great possibilities of CLARITY & SUCCESS even better from the beginning."