Always have the top sellers in stock, in just the right amount

Successful jeweller stock ranges should always be at the height of fashion trends. But what is long out of fashion in London, can be just in fashion in Manchester and also be still completely unknown in a small town. Having jewellery and watches in stock to match area preferences is very important and more suppliers offer their retail jewellery customer the option of automatic replenishment stock in their store.

Automatic stock replenishment provides jewellers, using the jewellers management software from Clarity & Success, with the ability to respond extremely quickly to trends and high demands without great risk, thanks to extremely short delivery times. It is based on the Clarity & Success electronic inventory management system, which responds to the stores current inventory levels, recent sales and turnover rate and therefore the need for orders to replenish popular stock is determined. If the jeweller makes a contract with the supplier for automatic replenishment, it means that the jeweller does not have to interrogate his system himself to build an order. The system will calculate stock, sales, trends and “suggest a complete order for the jewellery to vet and approve”and send through a web interface called a “File Transfer Service (FTS)”, with this the supplier receives an encrypted file and reads the order in his system. Then an order confirmation email is sent to the retailer for automatic read-in (a few clicks) of the stock, no matter how many items, when it physically arrives. On input the Clarity & Success system prints the product labels with bar coded tags. In addition, minimum and maximum order values, calculation methods or specific delivery dates can be set.


Because the suppliers and jewellers save resources by virtue of automatic replenishment, all costs of setting up the interface are covered by discounts on shipping and online shopping. With all stock being loaded for sale by just a few clicks, the retailer saves many costs ongoing. If all parameters of automatic replenishment properly adjusted it results a win-win situation for both jeweller and supplier.

One of the suppliers with whom Clarity & Success successfully cooperates, is Fossil Europe GmbH. For many years the Fossil customer, using the Clarity & Success jeweller management software, has been able to use the interface for automatic replenishment. The consistently positive feedback and increasing number of users shows that this matches exactly the needs of the jeweller. Unlike other suppliers, Fossil receives weekly inventory and sales of their customer jewellers. So a flexible response and rapid adaptation to new trends is possible.