August's NAJ Jet 1 Award Winner Laura Neil, she talks about her new career in jewellery.

"I’m relishing my new level of confidence – I feel I’ve come into my own as a sales consultant"

Clarity & Success sponsors the NAJ Jet Awards. August's winner was Laura Neil, of Beaverbrooks

“I’d never thought about a career in jewellery – I happened to see a vacancy for a customer sales role with Beaverbrooks at a time in my life when I wanted to try something different.

I studied retail marketing and always had an interest in company-customer relationships.

Having worked for Beaverbrooks for two years now, I understand the importance of rapport-building and take pride in giving our customers a memorable and joyous experience.

Within my branch, the team works together to support one another, however we’re also recognised for our individual skills and strengths. I’ve been trusted with the extra responsibility of being our branch’s visual merchandising coordinator.

For our benefit, it’s mandatory to complete the JET Certificate alongside the training we’re given by Beaverbrooks. I’m relishing my new level of confidence – I feel I’ve come into my own as a sales consultant. JET has reinforced my understanding of jewellery production, which has been noticed by my team and branch manager.

My favourite aspect of the course was designing a piece of jewellery using my birthstone – I used my passion for unique and timeless designs and enjoyed incorporating my own interest in astrology
and spirituality to create a piece of jewellery that would be affordable, contemporary and a symbol of strength and harmony.

The most challenging area of JET was understanding hallmarking and describing each mark – however I’m now enjoying these challenges.

Having completed JET I have more confidence in providing customers with the best information. It gives them peace of mind that what they’ve chosen is right for them.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course – it definitely gave me more in-depth knowledge in areas I probably wasn’t as confident in before. I hope to study the JET Diploma in the future, as it would help to extend my knowledge even further. I’m thankful for all the help and support my team offered me while studying.”

To get more information on the JET courses, please visit the NAJ website.

Article and photo courtesy of The Jeweller, Dec 2019. All copyrights respected.