BERLIN POS - A smartphone becomes a till

Sellers have the opportunity to sell through the app, print receipts, send receipts by e-mail, scan labels or open the till drawer. In addition, "Berlin" becomes a perfect sales aid by filtering customer desires by price, brand or material with just a few clicks. The results are then displayed on the screen via an image gallery and the customer can either create a personal wish list or pay directly via the electronic shopping cart.


"With the new app" Berlin ", selling and consulting is faster and better," promises Karen Russell, Managing Director of CLARITY & SUCCESS UK. The app can be easily integrated into the existing CLARITY & SUCCESS merchandise management system by communicating with the main computer via Wi-Fi. All data thus automatically end up in the merchandise business. At the outset Karen has a special offer for customers: "We will provide the app free of charge for one year. We only charge the costs for installation." From March, "Berlin" will be available for download for all popular operating systems in the stores of Apple, Google and Windows.


Those who would like to test the "Berlin" app beforehand have an opportunity at the trade fair.