CLARITY & SUCCESS customers can satisfy ECJ ruling on timekeeping

Clarity & Success with the module Time Attendance and Employee Planning

Clients are ready for European Working Time 4.0

The latest ruling of the European Court of Justice on the recording of working hours has big impli-cations across the EU. The new rules mean that in future, employers will be required to record the performance and attendance of their employees on a regular basis, but CLARITY & SUCCESS clients will be well prepared.


The precise recording of actual working hours is required in order to protect worker’s rights which are guaranteed by EU law and is all about compliance with maximum working time limits and rest periods.


In future, employers must ensure that their employees work a maximum of 48 hours per week and get no less than eleven hours per day non-working rest. The fact that working from home, a home office or field service must also be recorded, adds extra complications.


Small and medium-sized businesses particularly are wondering how to implement this.


Jewellers and Goldsmiths who work with CLARITY & SUCCESS software can lean back and relax. "For many years, we have been offering simple solutions for digital employee management within our merchandise management software," says Karen Russell, Managing Director of Clarity & Suc-cess UK. “The software enables every employee to easily log on and off the PC, so the employer always has an overview of who is present, ill, on vacation or just with a customer.”


If employees take too few breaks, the system automatically sends an e-mail to the manager. The electronic time recording system from CLARITY & SUCCESS also links to holiday and working rota planning. Employees can see when their colleagues are on holiday and take this into account in their own planning.


"There are many scenarios in which time recording makes sense and thanks to secure data collec-tion is a noticeable relief for the human resources department," says Russell.


The CLARITY & SUCCESS time tracking software is included as standard in the Gold module and can be implemented by jewellers and goldsmiths with very little effort.


The system also includes a mobile app that enables working time management on the go. Russell concludes: "Even though the ECJ ruling has not yet come into force - as an employer, you are very well prepared if you have CLARITY & SUCCESS."