Google Maps© offer Jewellers valuable information

CLARITY & SUCCESS integrates leading map service into its software

With a billion users per month, Google Maps© is the market leading map service. Maps from more than 200 countries are available, with about 25 million daily updates. There is no question that anyone who is looking for accurate location information in real time will find it on Google Maps© . Precisely for this reason, the powerful Google Maps© tool has become indispensable for jewellers too, because customers no longer need to look through the phone book when they are looking for addresses and opening hours. But for the entrepreneur, Google Maps© also offers many interesting options which can now be exploited through a new interface in the “Evolution” jewellery software from CLARITY & SUCCESS.


By linking Google Maps© into the database of CLARITY & SUCCESS, the locations of customers, suppliers or employees can now be displayed via Google Maps© . "What initially sounds like an intrusion into clients' privacy actually offers benefits in the application," says Karen Russell, Managing Director of CLARITY & SUCCESS UK Ltd. For example, the numerous filter options allow customised marketing segmentation. "With just a few clicks, the jeweller can see how many customers have bought a particular brand or live in a specific district and then decide whether to advertise or to market by post." Even the ‘street view’ often offers rewarding insights to attract new customers through referral marketing.


The Google Maps© interface is included as standard in every version of the "Evolution" software from CLARITY & SUCCESS.
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