Have fun at work!

Much laughter at the Laughing seminar at Clarity & Success!

The boss cooks for you ... Florian Henkel, CEO of Clarity & Success cooks Saltimbocca for his 30-member team in the office.

A happy - and tasty - employee event at Clarity & Success

Everyone works better when their environment is pleasurable and they are encouraged to smile. For this reason, Clarity & Success Managing Director Florian Henkel invited his employees to a laughter seminar. A trained Laughter Yoga instructor and humour therapist - William Drucks from Spenge - was in Halle as a guest to provide the team with valuable tips for a happy and effective working and personal life.


The Latin word "humour" translates as „juice, moisture, liquid“. "And where life juices can flow freely, people are happier" said William. "We feel alive, happy  and strong. However if the flow of juices is interrupted there are difficulties. The solution is not to wait until something happens to make us laugh but to take the initiative. "


Laughter Yoga teaches that laughter is its own motivation. William states: "In contrast to laughing at a joke, when we are self-motivated the laughter is of greater satisfaction. The nice thing is you do not have to wait long for the success of this investment, because laughter rewards instantly with relief, joy and energy". So it was a very enjoyable experience at Clarity & Success. "We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I am sure that we will implement what we learned to the profit of our team and also towards our customers, " Florian Henkel ,Managing Director concluded.


Good humour also prevailed with a cooking event of traditional Saltimbocca at Clarity & Success. It takes place every year in November. Both events offered a welcome change to the grey winter day and made for an enjoyable conclusion for the entire team of a successful and labour-intensive year.