How to Protect Customers and Employees from Dangerous Cash Receipts

CLARITY & SUCCESS offers pollution-free alternatives to thermal paper

CLARITY & SUCCESS offers pollution-free alternatives to thermal paper

A receipt is a fine thing because it offers the buyer the security that he can exchange his purchase or complain if something is wrong. But only a few know that the receipt can pose health risks. The problem is called Bisphenol A, a chemical compound found on thermal paper used for receipts. The substance is absorbed through the skin and is suspected to affect the thyroid gland, the cycle and even fertility. Bisphenol A is particularly harmful to those who deal with it on a daily basis - such as cashiers who are constantly picking up the paper.


The European Chemicals Agency has put bisphenol A on the so-called Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern. And permanently, as the European Union court in Luxembourg decided in July. The EU Commission has also reacted long ago and imposed a ban on bisphenol A in thermal paper, which will become effective in 2020.


While large corporations, especially with regard to tickets and vouchers, are already relinquishing charged thermal paper, many retailers ensure that almost 50 percent of all thermal papers con-tain bisphenol A, according to the Federal Environment Agency. But there are already alternatives that any jeweler can easily use to avoid the dormant cancer risk for employees and customers.


"Our customers have been able to buy bisphenol-free receipt rolls from us for several years now!", Says Managing Director Florian Henkel.


With its professional software for jewellers, CLARITY & SUCCESS also offers the option of sending receipts by e-mail. "The receipt comes directly from the till software and is attached as a pdf," says Henkel. The only prerequisite: The customer must agree to this method once digitally by si-gning, so that the data protection regulations are adhered to.


This is very easy with the CLARITY & SUCCESS touch till, because the signature can be made di-rectly at the checkout on the rotating touch-screen. "Our experience shows that the majority of customers value this option because the receipt can be stored much more easily than before for digital repair," says Henkel. Of course, the jeweller also benefits from an up-to-date and privacy-compliant customer data set that enables targeted marketing. Henkel: "Above all, however, the document is free of pollutants as a PDF."


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