Hype brand Daniel Wellington is new to the electronic delivery system

Press photo: Daniel Wellington

An electronic delivery note is only as good as the brand entered into the software management control of jewellers. It is therefore only logical that the leader of jewellery software management, Clarity & Success, now also supports the brand of  Daniel Wellington watches.


Daniel Wellington is named after an English gentleman who wore his Rolex watch with soft straps. Filip Tysander, founder of the watch brand, was so impressed by this understated attitude, that he decided to name his company in honour of Daniel Wellington: The combination of elegance and modesty brings the range of watches that are available with interchangeable leather or textile straps creating a  great demand throughout Europe. A “must-have” for every jeweller.


How does the electronic delivery system work? The vendor sends, parallel to the physical delivery of ordered goods, a file (via email) which is stored in a designated folder in the jewellers Clarity & Success software stock control system. All records of all the delivered goods are automatically then correctly and completely read into the stock management. No tedious, time-consuming and inaccurate manual entry any more!


In total, 185 top suppliers of the jewellery and watch industry use the electronic delivery system of Clarity & Success for their and their customer jewellers benefit. Interested suppliers can find out more at any time. For more information, call  Dr. Jörg Fliegner, telephone +49 (0) 5201 66 277206 e-mail  Joerg.Fliegner@Clarity-Success.com.