It’s a snap. New picture app takes and imports item images directly into Evolution inventory software

1. The Picture App for Evolution from Clarity & Success

2. Images are snapped and entered into the stock records automatically

Taking photos on a phone - old hat.

Importing photos to a computer – been done.

Importing images from a phone directly into a stock system product record? That’s new.


That’s what we have just achieved with our new Picture App for smartphones and tablets linked to our Evolution inventory management platform.

Simply by taking a photo of the item with a phone or tablet, then scanning a barcode on the item record screen in Evolution, the record is updated automatically with the new image, saving it in the specified path in the system.

“This app really saves the retailer time and effort and makes adding images so easy” says Karen Russell, managing director of CLARITY & SUCCESS UK.

The app is free to download and use, with just a small one-time set up fee.

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