It’s ‘Lights–Camera–Action’ as Clarity & Success adds Bransom team to the family Christmas card

The Christmas Card 2019

Susanne shoots formal poses of new team members for brochure and business card use.

Extra fun poses were taken to place each member of the team across the Clarity & Success logo.

It was a fun and more relaxed day in November when Florian Henkel and Karen Russell of Clarity & Success spent the day supervising the photography of the new family members from Bransom in line with the material and staff images already used for some time amongst the Clarity & Success team.

In June 2019 Clarity & Success acquired Bransom Retail Systems and since then the two companies have been working very hard together, building on their respective strengths to provide the best Jewellery management software across the entire UK market.

As well as shooting the normal portrait-style photographs for use on business cards and the website, photographer Susanne Güttler invented many different poses for the staff which were to be used in Clarity & Success’ annual Christmas card, including flying over, hanging from, sitting on and sliding down the Clarity logo to name but a few – but without the help of the real objects and logos which were added later by Susanne!

Additional poses were taken for the company profile brochure “We are Clarity & Success” which will be available in its updated format in 2020.

The card shows the combined Clarity & Success team, ready to give all our clients the best support.

No-one was hurt in the filming of these special poses. :-)