Keep your eye on every visitor

Determine how many of your visitors become your customers

Small device - great control

Use the visitor counter for successfull control in real time

Our Visitor counter helps to provide statistical analysis

“Can I help you? No thank you, I am just browsing” - this classic dialogue between salesperson and store visitor is well known to many Jewellers.  Nevertheless, it is difficult to determine how many visitors will eventually become paying customers.  The calculation of “conversion rate” is an important measure for this, but it is difficult to determine without any means of comparison.  In order to be able to evaluate the proportion of browsers  to buyers, the Jeweller needs as much data as possible regarding the quantity of visitors entering and leaving the store through his doors, to the quantity of those who actually purchase.


The most reliable method for calculating conversion is the visitor counter from Clarity & Success. The new 3D counter ensures exact results and thereby provides information regarding the visitors' buying interest. Inconspicuously installed in the door area, the visitor counter delivers visitor count data directly to the Clarity & Success Jeweller management software. The Jeweller gets accurate statistics on whether the visitors really create sales. The data can also be used for training staff in order to achieve better sales success and also to beg the question of effective sales display. The new visitor counter from Clarity & Success is now available for £1,700 including setup costs via remote access software. A monthly charge of £10 per business for a maximum of three devices is made for the data transfer.


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