New rental pricing model offers maximum flexibility

Jewellers can choose their suitable version from six different modules with a different range of services

Fast, customer-friendly business software - now cost-effective

Lower monthy prices protect the jewellers cash flow

From now on, Clarity & Success offers a monthly rental licence for their Jeweller management software . With the new rental pricing model, jewellers and goldsmiths can cover their licensing and maintenance expenses by monthly payments. The new pricing model, which is also internationally known as Software as a Service (SaaS), offers many advantages to customers.


Jewellers can use the rental model to shorten their decision-making processes and use then use the software more quickly, since there are no high investment costs to cover. Instead, the license costs are included as operating expenses in the company's finances. In addition, Jewellers become more flexible in its use, since, for example, the software is rented for a fixed period with a continuation option.


"With our conveniently priced system, we would like to interest prospective buyers from the Jewellery sector, because the total purchase investment costs for a software license previously represented a barrier. The flexible and always terminable leases, allow Jewellers to tailor their software requirements and the costs thereof, precisely to their respective business situation" , Explains Karen Russell, Managing Director of Clarity & Success.


Through the rental pricing system, customers can at any time adapt the performance offered by the Clarity & Success Evolution software to their needs. A change is possible at any time, for example in the highly intensive Christmas period, to a higher module with additional functions. The number of functions can also be expanded or reduced as required. In addition, no additional costs are incurred when a new version is released. "With the new pricing model, our customers are automatically always up-to-date," says Karen.


All data remains with the customer as well as with the rent pricing model. "We have deliberately opted for a non-cloud solution because the vast majority of our customers want to keep their data in their own hands, though the cloud is utilised extensively for live data transfer," says Karen. Included in the rental price of each Evolution software module are, among other things,  annual training, email support, as well as various apps (depending on the choice of module) for mobile use.


Karen is convinced that the new pricing model will impress many new and old customers: "A typical Jeweller pays £75 a month for the bronze version of Evolution, plus £15 for a second workplace and £10 for telephone support. Making a total of £100 for a professional point-of-sale and merchandise management system for Jewellers, with maximum flexibility and without any software investment costs."


An overview of the various rental pricing models of Clarity & Success can be found here.