Repair jobs added simply to documents

CLARITY & SUCCESS develops all-in-one solution "Easypro Picture"

A picture is known to say more than 1,000 words. And if it is a particularly good picture, further ex-planations are almost superfluous. This is where "Easypro Picture", the Jewellery photo solution from CLARITY & SUCCESS, comes in. The "all-in-one" system stands for particularly detailed and uncom-plicated images, with which the documentation of a repair, a goods receipt or gold purchase be-comes easier and more crisis-proof.


"Easypro Picture makes repair documentation child's play for every jeweller and goldsmith," prom-ises Florian Henkel of CLARITY & SUCCESS. The trick: The camera transfers the images directly into the repair screen of the merchandise management and ensures a complete order entry from a sin-gle source. Every detail of the watch or pieces of Jewellery to be processed is recorded, which great-ly simplifies the definition of the repair.


The operation of the repair camera is very simple. The connection succeeds with a conventional USB cable; the rest is done by the integrated software. "After just a few seconds you can see the moving live video image on the computer screen," promises Henkel. The quality of the pictures ranges from a low resolution to a brilliant HD. The included multi-pivot arm reduces space requirements to a minimum and a CMOS image sensor guarantees excellent color rendition and noise reduction even in poor lighting conditions.


"Easypro Picture" was developed especially for the new software version "Evolution" CLARITY & SUCCESS and is available for a price of £245. More at