Secure competitive advantages through IT - Employee Administration

The CLARITY & SUCCESS employee management

In our new series "Secure competitive advantages through IT", we present you the different areas of the Jeweller management software of CLARITY & SUCCESS. The first part focuses on employee administration.

The employees are the heart of every company. Therefore, employee management in CLARITY & SUCCESS also marks the beginning of the presentation of the areas of Jeweller management software. With CLARITY & SUCCESS all important information about the employees can be managed easily and clearly in one place. All this of course protected with a password, so that all data is secure against unauthorised access.


With complete address data management including photos, birthday reminders and company affiliation, every employee is optimally connected to the company. "Never forget a company anniversary or a birthday again and inspire your employees," says Karen Russell, Managing Director of CLARITY & SUCCESS.


But beyond that, employee management offers all relevant topics. Time recording, holidays and illness days are recorded here just as employment contracts and the entire correspondence with the employee. Preparation for the annual evaluation discussion is shortened with CLARITY & SUCCESS. But not only internal correspondence can be managed.  It can also be seen which appointments are pending for the employee with the respective customer.


The software makes it possible to assign an individual authorisation key to each employee. You determine which program area the respective employee may view or operate. For example, specific permissions can be set for each area by defining whether the employee can add, edit, delete, export, or print data. Changes in the datasets can later be reproduced in detail with time information. In addition, it is possible to limit the maximum discounting so that each employee can only discount up to a certain percentage. At the same time, the amount of employee purchases can be determined. In addition, the owner can specify who the purchase price of each item is visible to.


An overview of all the business figures and the detailed performance of the employees is provided by the extensive statistical evaluations. View the individual working hours including overtime, delays, breaks and absences. The statistics also provide you with information about the total and annual sales and many other relevant sales figures. "Our employee management helps get the most out of your team," says Karen.