The “Anker” is hoisted and cleared away

A strong sales team: Helmut Bröckelmann, Brigitte Oellrich and owner Matthias von Hein (f.l.t.r.)

Since 1935, the Jeweller has been located in the small city center of Harsefeld

E. von Hein is on target for a successful future with the inventory management system from CLARITY & SUCCESS

Since 1935, the company E. von Hein in Harsefeld has been successful in the Jewellery and optical business. Though the old Anker cash register was not quite that old, the owner Matthias von Hein wanted to replace it by switching to a professional merchandise management system. This was necessary due to the growing number of items he was stocking. Therefore, the optometrist went on the search.


"The most important requirement for a POS system was the simple operation via a touch system, because we have a very large service sector in our business," says von Hein. So that paying for repairs can be done as quickly as possible, older and inexperienced employees should be able to operate the new system as intuitively as possible. Within industry magazines, von Hein found various providers, of which he wanted to get to know two by means of a demo version. "On first impression, it was clear to me that only the Jeweller management software from CLARITY & SUCCESS was a possibility for us: with a clear till screen, keys similar to our old cash register and an easy handling."


How easy CLARITY & SUCCESS is to operate is explained by von Hein using the example of his mother, who still helps in the store at the age of 70. "She had never sat at a computer until then, but today can also sell, book vouchers and much more." The many other features such as electronic delivery notes, the assignment of product images, the printing of certificates or the analysis of sales figures and storage period she leaves to her son. And he is excited. "As a result, we can stock and sell much more effectively in the end, because with CLARITY & SUCCESS we can quickly reorder sought-after items." Von Hein's favorite function is the automatic replenishment, which decreases his work for top brands such as Fossil, and, more recently, CASIO.


The administration of vouchers has also become simpler. "Today, we hardly have to pay any more money out of goodwill by returning an article, because we can bill purchases without any problems via a possible credit / voucher." In this context, there is also praise for the client management of CLARITY & SUCCESS: "Customers, who have a client account, do not even depend on the receipt - our customers really appreciate that."


Because von Hein also covers a large optics requirement in Harsefeld, eyewear and other articles and services from this area must also be integrated into the till system. "It works smoothly with CLARITY & SUCCESS, we can charge a pair of glasses with prescription glasses simply under pool sales" optics ", in principle, as with our old till." And so the old Anker till comes into play again - but only as a reminder of a time when point of sale and inventory management at E. von Hein had not yet worked together so perfectly.