Towards a digital future

Oliver Buck controls his specialist shop for spectacles, contact lenses, watches and Jewellery with CLARITY & SUCCESS software

"The future of our industry is digital," says Oliver Buck. With this conviction, the owner of the specialist shop for spectacles, contact lenses, watches and Jewellery in Mengen, decided in 2015 to enhance his business with the Jewellery management software from CLARITY & SUCCESS. The goal was to become faster and more effective at the point-of-sale and to make the repairs more customer-friendly.


At the Munich exhibition Inhorgenta in 2015, Oliver had a system demonstration. He was satisfied with the simple usability of the system. "In addition, I liked the many expansion options like the integration of an on-line shop or the creation of customer cards," says Buck.


Oliver Buck chose a combination of point-of-sale, inventory management and repair management. "The training on the new software in our premises was very pleasant, everything was explained in an understandable way," said Buck, who had taken part in the training together with his wife Carolin. So understandable, "that up to now, we are rarely dependent on technical support because in most cases the operation is self-explanatory."


“Our operations have been significantly improved after a very short time, especially in the management of our repair business, says Buck. We have become faster, our customers are more satisfied. It is exactly how we wanted.”