Welcome to the team

F.l.t.r.: Michael Wakan, Günther Benning, Yvonne Holthöfer, Nicole & Florian Henkel, Alexandro Pardini, Mohamed Karoua

CLARITY & SUCCESS expands its team

The team of CLARITY & SUCCESS is getting stronger: In November five new employees began their career with the expanding software company. Company founder Florian Henkel welcomed to the Customer Support team Günther Benning and Mohammed Karoua and to Logistics Michael Wakan. Also joining accounts were Yvonne Holthoefer and Alexandro Pardini. "I wish all new colleagues every success and good relationships with our customers," said Henkel.


To welcome the new employees, everyone gathered in the new, expanded support offices and Nicole and Florian Henkel presented each "newcomer" with a bouquet of flowers. Following the ceremony everyone tucked in the Greek food.