Advantage Club for Jewellers
Get a knowledge advantage

  • You are always one step ahead of your competitors
  • They recognise which product or brand is selling well
  • You optimise your stock in a timely manner
  • They act instead of reacting
  • You can have a say and network
  • You can negotiate better with suppliers

The Club of satisfied Jewellers!

For six years CLARITY & SUCCESS has created a Jewellery ADVANTAGE CLUB for Jewellers and retailers giving  the Jewellery industry numerous competitive advantages. Each member delivers automatically and anonymously sales data and stock from his software management system to the club. As a „reward“ they receive exclusive and free ranking, trend and sale lists. Along with the stock sharing option.


Sharing offers the opportunity to fulfill almost any customer request. With so many good reasons, it‘s no wonder the number of club members has grown to nearly 100 Jewellers and goldsmiths.

Exclusive industry statistics - free of charge!

The core of the ADVANTAGE CLUB is unique, exclusive industry statistics. It is a success barometer for every Jeweller. How strong are the suppliers really? Which brands are selling well - or maybe they have already passed their peak? What is the bestselling product of the month?


Members of the ADVANTAGE CLUB know more than other Jewellers and are more successful.

Stock sharing - free!

An added benefit of membership is the stock sharing. The ADVANTAGE CLUB provides its members with an exclusive app that allows the Jeweller to search for a product when making a customer request.


The app then provides the member with information about which colleague from the ADVANTAGE CLUB has this product in stock. The members of the ADVANTAGE CLUB can thus fulfill their customers‘ wishes, without having to stock the whole assortment themselves.


In order not to violate exclusive brand agreements, the end customer gets the invoice from the Jewellery colleague.

Merchandise management from CLARITY & SUCCESS

The ADVANTAGE CLUB of the Jewellers is integrated in the Jeweller Management software from Module standard.

Here some members report, what excites them from the ADVANTAGE CLUB

Daniela Kittel, Jeweller Dunky, St. Pölten, Austria

„In my opinion, the ADVANTAGE CLUB statistics are an important complement to their own statistics, as it allows them to get a more accurate picture of each product‘s market evolution. The developments of the individual brands are not always the same everywhere. This way you can be informed about certain trends earlier. I also find stock sharing very helpful, especially when looking for expensive or unusual pieces.“

Ingo Hoffmeister, Jeweller Hoffmeister, Haselünne, Germany

„I have been working with the CLARITY & SUCCESS software since 1999 and up to today the software manufacturer has always been very innovative! For some years now, I have also been a member of the ADVANTAGE CLUB and especially use the stock sharing. It‘s a very good solution to counteract late or impossible delivery of items for customers. This enables us to strengthen local trade as we fulfill much more customer requirements. I would like a lot more colleagues to join the ADVANTAGE CLUB and the stock sharing!“

Matthias von Hein, E. von Hein OPTIK UHREN SCHMUCK, Harsefeld, Germany

„The ADVANTAGE CLUB from CLARITY & SUCCESS is a really great support for us Jewellers. With stock sharing, we have at least the ability to serve our customers when we need to order an item and the manufacturer has delivery problems, as long as a colleaguehas this item in stock. The system is of course based on reciprocity, when a request is received, we try to deliver the item as soon as possible. The static evaluations are always very interesting for us.“

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