Organise yourself with the CLARITY & SUCCESS Jeweller Management software

  • Fully automated point of sale system in elegant design
  • Adaptable software options thanks to a modular construction principle
  • User-friendly, intuitive handling even without PC knowledge
  • Always one step ahead through further development and regular software updates
  • Quality product "Made in Germany"

Functions of Jeweller Management software

Point of sale

  • Touch till
  • Statutory data storage
  • Receipt printing on standard or thermal paper
  • Certificate, receipt and credit note printing
  • Customer allocation and customer loyalty cards
  • Voucher management for gift and promotion vouchers
  • Deposits, installment payment, transfer management
  • Reservation management and wish lists
  • Cash receipt printed as an invoice
  • Guarantee Certificate for gifts
  • Park and transfer cashier transactions
  • Split payment, e.g. cash and credit card as well as foreign currency
  • Connection to payment terminals
  • Tourism agent function
  • Second-hand goods sales with applicable taxation
  • Discount settings
  • Visitor counter with display of the number of visitors, customers
  • Employee sales and commissions
  • Cash book with expenses, receipts, bankings
  • Cash balances, daily, weekly, monthly, annual overview

Articles and stock management

  • Fast and easy input with article image
  • Inventory with partial depreciation
  • Serial number management
  • Commission administration
  • Goldsmith area with detailed calculation, price calculation,
  • Material, diamond, stone, pearl and manufacturing
  • Minimum and maximum stocks
  • Order proposals
  • Repair management
  • Cross selling

Customer management - CRM

  • Customer loyalty cards
  • Immediate data protection compliance for new customers
  • Date management for birthdays, service and guarantees
  • Sales overview and statistics
  • Repair and order overview
  • Wish lists and reservations
  • Print address labels for sending catalogues
  • Direct marketing selections according to: Age, gender,
    preferences, brands, price scales, sales, etc.
  • Customer import / export
  • Export to Outlook, Excel, Word
  • Correspondence and sales history
  • Display of the weather and time in customer locations
  • Onlineshop connection
  • Signature pad connection

Supplier mangement

  • Address management with all contact persons
  • Bank data, terms of purchase, terms of payment
  • Accounting
  • Open item management
  • Financial planning, budget planning
  • Scheduling, stock scheduling
  • Digital data of delivery notes and product lines, product images
  • Calculation factors with scales
  • Material prices
  • Digital document management
  • Correspondence and purchase history


  • Scheduling: open, overdue, in process, approved / checked,
    ready for collection, picked up
  • Calendar Repair Workload Overview
  • Spare parts management for watches, Jewellery, pearls, stones,
  • Precious metal account for goldsmiths
  • Operational management and calculation
  • Printout of repair notes, customer collect orders, cost estimates,
    repair reports,
  • Printing of repair labels for marking individual items
  • Automatic communication with the customer via email and SMS
  • Correspondence and history
  • Digital document management
  • Quick repair entry for all employees
  • The repair is completed at the till

Employee management

  • Address data management with image
  • Bank, holiday, illness and payroll data
  • Customer restriction
  • Store, department and function assignment
  • Tourism agent function
  • Employee purchases with annual limit and discount
  • Provisions and premium accounting
  • Management of: working hours and absence days
  • Birthday management
  • Log length of service
  • Correspondence
  • Digital document management for storing employment contracts,
    sick leave reports, etc.

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