Live Sales Tracker - App

Manage sales live and at the click of a button 

Product Description

The Live Sales Tracker app makes CLARITY & SUCCESS customers work even easier: from the Jewellery software specialist‘s think tank, you get a clever mini-program for your smartphone, tablet or computer with an Internet connection that lets you view live sales and be controlled at the click of a button.


How many sales do the individual stores make, which employees sold particularly well? The new app „Live Sales Tracker“ offers quick answers to these important questions. It allows CLARITY & SUCCESS customers to track everything that‘s important in real time. Everywhere and without any effort. The Live Sales Tracker provides the easy-to-use interface already well known from CLARITY & SUCCESS Jeweller Management Software.

The extensive functions of the Live Sales Tracker offer a special work satisfaction:


1. Live sales:

Watch and track the live sales of your businesses and employees. 


2. Sales by e-mail:

In the settings, you can quickly set the sales or branch for which you want to have the analysis. Then enter in addition, who should receive the statistics. Once the target is reached, you will be notified by e-mail.


3. Saved target plan as help to reach the sales targets by traffic light function:

Set a target for each store to be reached during the day. With the aid of the traffic light system, it is also possible to determine an interim position when turnover is almost reached. You will recognise this directly by the yellow light. If the goal has been completely fulfilled for the day, the light will turn green.


4. Sales history:

Get a sales history graph anytime, anywhere, and review and compare business performance over a period of time.


5. Little helpers:

In addition to these features, you can also switch between different business groups, change the design of the app, set up an account for others, or convert currencies.

Technical Requirements for the Live Sales Tracker-App:


  • Wi-Fi or internet at the main computer
  • Smartphones or tablets from versions iOS 13 or Android 10.0
  • Screen from 5 inches, 2GB memory, quad core processor (or faster)


Beforehand, a small program is installed on one of the computers in the store, which is set up and configured by CLARITY & SUCCESS. The use of the Live Sales Tracker must be activated by CLARITY & SUCCESS and is associated with initial setup costs. Once the Live Sales Tracker has been configured and unlocked, each user will receive their personal login credentials so they can log in from any Internet-enabled device and web browser to track the sales of the store and their individual employees.


On your smartphone, you can add an icon to the home screen for quick access to the Live Sales Tracker. The data from the stores are uploaded several times per hour per store.

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