Take photos easily with your smartphone or tablet


Jewellers, goldsmiths and watchmakers can now use the PICTURE-APP to quickly and easily capture several pictures with their smartphone / tablet or transfer what has already been photographed from the picture gallery directly to the inventory management system. If you have multiple images for a product, you can set one image as the main image.

You can use the PICTURE-APP for the following areas in the CLARITY & SUCCESS
inventory management:

- Articles
- Repairs
- Precious metal purchase
- Certificates / attestations
- Valuation of showcases and shop windows
- Vouchers
- Customers
- Employees
- Suppliers


With the new PICTURE APP, taking photos of products becomes faster and better. The app can be easily integrated into the existing inventory management system by communicating with the main computer via Wi-Fi or the Internet. Your product photos will automatically end up in the inventory management system.

The PICTURE-APP offers the familiar, easy handling that is already known from the CLARITY & SUCCESS jewellery management software. The app is suitable for Android, iOS smartphones and tablets from versions iOS 13 or Android 10.0.


The CLARITY & SUCCESS support team will set up a web service for you, which is responsible for the smooth transfer of the images from your smartphone / tablet to your computer.

Take one or more pictures with your smartphone or tablet. You can also use existing photos from the picture gallery. Select an area. In order to assign the picture (s) to the correct article, you can scan a QR code on the screen of the CLARITY & SUCCESS jeweller management software or type in the article number on your mobile device. The images are then saved directly in the software‘s image path. You can then view it immediately in the inventory management.

The Timeplan-App is available from module „Standard“ of the CLARITY & SUCCESS Jeweller Management Software.


  • Wi-Fi or Internet on the main computer
  • Smartphones or tablets from versions iOS 13 or Android 10.0
  • Screen from 5 inches, 2GB RAM, quad core processor (or faster)
  • Sufficient free internal storage space for local storage of the product images
  • Functioning camera integrated in the device with at least 8 megapixels


The connection between the end device and the web service, which is installed on one of the local PCs in the respective shop, is primarily protected
by the encryption of the WiFi connection or the structural security of the LAN network connection.

If you want to work over the Internet, you need to install and purchase an SSL certificate (we will be happy to help you choose this certificate).
The jeweller bears the costs for the certificate themselves.

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