The Jeweller Management software offers a variety of functions and modules.

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Jeweller Management software

At CLARITY & SUCCESS, as a pioneer in information technology, we ensure that the application of our fully developed complete solutions becomes child's play for the sake of efficient cost and time management. Clever industry operators are increasingly recognizing and leveraging the potential of our CLARITY & SUCCESS commercial software solution. We can sense the fascination and the popularity of our innovations every year - the most authentic and credible confirmation of our work.

Business management for your jewellery business

Point of Sale

Choose cashier, scan items, pay - finished!

  • Touch till
  • Statutory data storage
  • Receipt printing on standard or thermal paper
  • Certificate printing, credit note
  • Customer allocation and customer card
  • Voucher management for gift and promotion vouchers
  • Deposits, installment payment, transfer management
  • Reservation management and wish lists
  • Cash receipt printed as an invoice
  • Guarantee Certificate for gifts
  • Park and transfer cashier transactions
  • Split payment, e.g. cash and credit card as well as foreign currency
  • Connection to payment terminals
  • Touring function
  • Second-hand goods sales with different taxation
  • Discount settings
  • Visitor counter with display of the number of visitors, customers
  • Employee sales, commissions
  • Cash book with expenses, receipts, bankings
  • Cash balances, daily, weekly, monthly, annual overview


Direct dispatch of the receipt by e-mail!
The customer enters his / her e-mail address on the back of the customer display and within seconds he/she receives an e-mail with the receipt / invoice as a PDF attachment.


Customer survey
The customer can answer a question after a checkout process by selecting one of 3 smileys on the back of the customer touch screen.


Individual checkout
Compose the color of your checkout and match your shop design (display color components from website). Display the latest product and offers on the POS LCD display.

Customer recognition
Gender, age group and mood recognition, right up to the assignment of your customer names, e.g. during the checkout process, to the adjustment of the advertising content and the success of the adverstising campaign.

App available
Use your smartphone as point of sale. For iOS & Android. Further information about the app here.

Article and stock management

Maintain an overview! With stock management, you reduce your warehouse stock by 30% and yet ensure a better availability of the requested articles.

  • fast and easy input with image
  • Inventory with partial depreciation
  • Serial number management
  • Commission administration
  • Goldsmith area with detailed calculation, price calculation, material, diamond, stone, pearl and  manufacturing
  • Minimum and maximum stocks
  • Order proposals
  • Repair management
  • Cross selling

Online shop API
Application Programming Interface, Price per interface per store: (£/€) 50,- monthly


Digital delivery notes and articles
Save a lot of time by simply and quickly booking your supplier's article data digitally with all master data in Clarity & Success.


With the order proposals and the order overview, make sure that you have all products available at the right time. Also possible with automatic replenishment and connection to suppliers.


App available
Inventory capture with the smartphone. For iOS & Android. Further information about the app here.


Focus on your customers! Encourage and reatin your customers through good service and your knowledge about their buying habits.

  • Customer cards
  • Immediate printing of data protection when a customer is newly created
  • Date management for birthdays, service and guarantees
  • Sales overview and statistics
  • Repair and order overview
  • Wish list and reservations
  • Print address labels for sending catalogues
  • Direct marketing selections according to: Age, gender, preferences, brands, price scales, sales, etc.
  • Customer import / export
  • Export to Outlook, Excel, Word
  • Correspondence and sales history
  • Display of the weather and time by the customer
  • Onlineshop connection
  • Signature connection


Connection to GoogleMaps®
See GoogleStreetview® where your customers live. Follow the effect of your marketing campaign on GoogleMaps®.


Varied direct marketing
Filter your customers to contact them directly by newsletter, post or telephone.


Digital document management
Save your documents, emails and pictures directly to the customer and have everything in quick access.

Signature Pad
In a few seconds, your customer signatures are stored digitally. Find out more.


Having the best suppliers is not luck but requires a well-planned collaboration. With CLARITY & SUCCESS, you always have an overview of purchasing agreements (budgets), revenue targets and invoices to be paid.

  • Address management with all contact persons
  • Bank data, terms of purchase, terms of payment
  • Accounting
  • Open item management
  • Financial planning, budget planning
  • Scheduling, stock scheduling
  • Digital data of delivery notes and product lines, product images
  • Calculation factors with scales
  • Material prices
  • Digital document management
  • Correspondence and purchase history


Integrated financial planning
Immediately available facts and figures simplify the planning of your purchase.


A) What is the inventory of my company?

B) Have I already purchased enough and reached the agreed targets?

C) Should I renegotiate?

D) Can I pay my bills when the big delivery arrives next week?


Interfaces for product data
For a large number of brands and suppliers, there is the possibility to read article data with pictures in CLARITY & SUCCESS.



Three mouse clicks and your delivered goods are recorded!

The supplied goods from the listed suppliers are no longer entered manually by hand into the computer, but are simply and quickly mass entered into the article administration directly by a mouse click from an electronic file attached to the delivery.


Give each employee an authorization key! Determine which program areas your employees are allowed to use or access and record all relevant employee data.

  • Address data management with image
  • Bank, holiday, illness and payroll data
  • Customer restriction
  • Store, department and function assignment
  • Touring function
  • Employee purchases with annual limit and discount
  • Provisions and premium accounting
  • Staffing of: working hours and absence days
  • Birthday management
  • Company affiliation time
  • Correspondence
  • Digital document management for storing employment contracts, sick leave reports, etc.


Authorization in the software
Each employee is given his / her password and is authorized for each program area. There is a special authorization to hide the purchase price and costings.


Connection to GoogleMaps®
See GoogleStreetview® where your employee lives.




Generate more sales through customer service! Well thought out and with system management your repairs with CLARITY & SUCCESS are never forgotten.

  • Scheduling: open, overdue, in process, approved / checked, ready for collection, picked up
  • Calendar repair workload overview
  • Spare parts management for watches, jewellery, pearls, stones, diamonds
  • Precious metal account for goldsmiths
  • Operational management and calculation
  • Printout of repair notes, customer collect orders, cost estimates, repair reports
  • Printing of repair labels for marking individual items
  • Automatic communication with the customer via email and SMS
  • Correspondence and history
  • Digital document management
  • Extra repair quick-action mask for all employees
  • The repair is completed at the till


Repair acceptance with pictures
Document the condition of the watch or the jewellery with any number of pictures per repair. Avoid misunderstandings with your customers. Use the repair camera from CLARITY & SUCCESS.


App available
Quickly capture repairs, including photos, with your smartphone. For iOS & Android. Further information about the app here.


Print a new label quickly and easily. A label range of 155 different special watch, jewellery and address labels is available in Eisele® quality.

  • Direct label delivery from CLARITY & SUCCESS to you
  • Article, packaging, address, repair labels
  • Easily selectable predefined label layouts
  • Special labels and layouts are available on request
  • Print over the network from any number of computers on any number of label printers

The quality of our labels

  • Resistant to heat, UV and ultrasound
  • An adhesive-free zone on the loop prevents contamination and sticking to the jewellery
  • The transparent loop makes the fixing invisible
  • 2D or standard barcodes contain item numbers
  • Available in many colors: white, gold, silver


Measure your success! The statistics quickly and easily determines all relevant totals and key figures of your products, customers, suppliers and employees.

  • Inventory, purchase, sale
  • Hitlists
  • Storage life, profitability
  • Evaluation of the customer checkout
  • Customer sales analysis
  • Seller evaluations
  • Visitor and customer frequency analysis by week and single days
  • Data export e.g. to Microsoft® Excel
  • Tabular or graphical representation
  • For branch offices, CLARITY & SUCCESS offers the cloud-based "retail statistics" software


Automatic statistics
Create your favorite statistics with just a few clicks, save them, and let the computer do the work for you every week. You will then automatically receive your evaluation as a tabular Excel attachment as well as a graphical diagram (PNG file) to your personal email address on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Real-time data on your mobile phone
Use the Live Sales Tracker app on your mobile phone to view the sales data for your store or store from any location, as well as your salespersons' individual sales. When the daytime targets are reached, a green lamp lights up and you receive an additional evaluation by email.


App available
Track live sales on the smartphone. For iOS & Android. Further information about the app here.

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