Retail Statistics for Chain Stores

Statistical networking of your branches


Retail Statistics is a modular software programme of statistical software for chain stores, franchises and suppliers for prompt evaluation of your retail sales sites (Branches, franchisees, shop in shop, customers, etc.). Suitable for 2 to 1,000 sales locations.


In Retail Statistics are you compare your sales, inventories, purchases, visitor count data, staff working hours, payments, on an SQL Server database.



For optimal evaluation, your sales sites should the use our CLARITY & SUCCESS business management and point-of-sales software and have an internet connection. ( also links to other software systems are possible at an additional cost).


The software uses a „Microsoft SQL Server 2016“ database.Your retail operations transfer their data, daily, via internet to an Internet server which collates all sales operations information to give collective data for central management interrogation.




Tabular, graphical and pictorial representation of your results and export functions, eg to Excel or PDF. Group by categories to the basis of the individual product reference.


Data can also be sent to another SQL Server to be synchronized for important information to blend into an alternate software.

Additional Functions

Stock Relocation Proposals:


Branches sometimes have the wrong stock. Some stores stock a surplus of some articles because not all products sell well in all areas. Similarly other branches have products they ordered and were delivered too late. With the rearrangement proposals from Retail Statistics, you use your entire up to date sales and stock activities to build a store based on all the branch inventory overviews. Then when the demand for goods for stores is made, simply move the goods from central stock or store to store This ties up less capital and guarantees the best product availability for the customer.


Budget planning:


Import from Excel onto your monthly sales plan and make them available to compare with revenues.


With just 4 mouse clicks, you can reach your results in Retail Statistics

1. Click
Imagine yourself on this choice of statistics

From a range of 90 pre-calculated „key performance indicators“ (KPIs) a statistics request will always be to hand. Utilise this highperformance computing system and make the SQL server in the Cloud work for you. The results will be promptly presented in tabular, graphical and visual form.

Overseas branch data is converted from any currency for easy comparison. All you need is your computer and a connection to the Internet

Memory function. You can save your own statistics format and at any time recall it back for another new period calculation. You can set whether these statistics are specific to you or also available for work colleagues.


Auto-reporting function. A stored statistical selection can be automatically transmitted, on a certain day, (by such as Excel or PDF file) to one or more e-mail addresses, ithout having to remember to do it.


For example, the performance report for your stores can be sent to your chosen e-mail address for end of the month or the weekly bestseller list or daily sales – and much, much more.


2. Click
Tabular result - precisely down to the smallest detail

The results of your selected kpi‘s are provided in this clear tabular screen.

Useful functions

  • Move columns around to the your desired position
  • Totals and subtotals
  • Print out
  • Store the result and later call them back again without having to recalculate
  • Export to Excel (XLS), Open XML Excel (XLSX), CSV, XML, PDF, HTML, TXT
  • Inverted view

3. Click:
Graphical result - everything at a glance

The graphical display provides immediate recognition of trends,without having to reada mass of data.

Useful functions

  • Choose between column, pie or line charts
  • Load the graph with approximate lines, moving averages, min and max lines etc.
  • Charts can be captured for auto reporting by email (.png)
  • With one click you can capture the image to clipboard and save it in Word,or embed in PowerPoint or Outlook

4. Click:
Visual result - the perfect product overview

If your result has drawn-down to the individual product, you can see each article individually presented with it‘s image.


Then you can see at a glance which designs and which colours are most in demand.


Installation and set-up fee of Retail Statistics Software


- Export and transfer software

- Sales analysis software inventory and purchases, customer frequency, customer survey and staff time, Transfer and MinMax proposals

- Database Access License, Microsoft® SQL SERVER CAL


One-off cost

£ 790

Installation and configuration fee per additional user

One-off cost

£ 790

Per business, transfer to Retail Statistics

Including transfer of sales, stock levels and purchases, customer frequency, customer survey and staff time, Transfer and MinMax proposals


Updates and Support



£ 45

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