System requirements

In order to ensure that our systems run smoothly on your PC, we recommend that you carefully observe our system requirements.

Would you prefer to source the hardware from Clarity & Success?

Our computer supplier Dell is one of the leading European manufacturers of computers and IT infrastructure - Its strategic focus is on innovative IT and good service for all business sectors. A European-wide service network ensures guaranteed on-site service with fast recovery time. Dell is present in many key markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and their service sector is active in around 170 countries around the world.

Hardware warranty and service:

Three-year warranty and three-year free on-site service for computers. Valid in Germany/UK and in many countries of the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), with a short reaction time by the next working day (Mon.-Fri).


"Everything from one source" can be obtained from our sales bases. From single-user to complex multi-user systems, we offer everything including installation and training. Our base most local to you can arrange installation. If you wish, you can be trained on your site at a premium cost. Please note that in a single or two PC installations your hardware will be fully configured in our sales base and will be used by yourselves when being trained in our customer training area.

Do you wish to purchase your PC from your local dealer?

Should you wish to use a local PC supplier, please have your dealer refer to our system requirements. We would be pleased discuss specifics with your dealer to ensure the validity of your system.

You may order only the PCs, screens and the necessary network components from your dealer.

Please order the following special hardware from us: Touch screen point-of-sale computer, receipt printer, label printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, digital camera, etc. This hardware has been tested and proofed by us and can be quickly replaced in case of any future defect. With the large number of special products, our system supports the internal product software but other supposed similar products would not function. Therefore, please discuss with us regarding receipt printers, the label printers, barcode scanners and the cash drawers.

As soon as your dealer, or ourselves if we have supplied, have installed the PCs, including the necessary network and Internet access, we can then set up your PCs by remote access. After the installation, training of your employees is carried out on your site at a cost. Training on site can be less effective due to your staff duties and day to day interruptions However, please note that you will be able to attend our training centre with your PC, if for one or two PC installations. For multiple employee training, our well equipped training rooms are the most conducive to information absorbsion.

If you already own your functional PCs for installation and training, we ask you to send the PCs to our training center by the day before planned training in our centres. If it is necessary for our technicians to repair or reinstall your "old" PC, this expense will be charged. We would like to ensure a smooth training course on the following day. We will make a short system check with you. We need to check your hardware for the fulfillment of the specific system requirements that are necessary for our software.

After the training you and your staff will be able to


• Enter stock into your system
• Print labels
• Complete sales at the point-of-sale
• Carry out day-to-day business


From this day onwards you can work actively and professionally with our Clarity & Success software and also enjoy the assistance of our customer support team for instances of concern.



When having an on-site installation with our engineers, your hardware dealer should be available for consultation or hardware problems by arrangement. All the latest drivers, manuals and CDs must be available, installation delays due to hardware not properly configured, and deviations are calculated at the expense of an hourly rate.

Please also note the following:


The software and hardware industry is one of the fastest growing industries at all. Today's innovations and ideas are often used by customer‘s tomorrow. This has many advantages, but occasionally also disadvantages: hardware and software are "open systems" with a wide range of interactions. Existing components are not necessarily "guaranteed to be interference-free" with newly installed components and therefore may cause interference. In order to get a PC system that is as error-free as possible, you have to update regularly, using the latest versions of software, software drivers, software updates and virus scanners, and exchange PCs in appropriate time periods.


The workplace is an independent computer and not a terminal server. Various hardware components are locally connected to the computer (e.g., barcode scanner, cash drawer, receipt printer, signature pad, label printer, digital camera).

The computer should have the following:


• Operating system: Windows 10 Professional Pro 64 Bit
• Hard disk: at least 250 GB, SSD
• Memory: 8 GB or better
• CPU: Intel Ccore i3 or better (min 2GHz)
• interfaces:
• Sufficient USB, min. 2x USB3.0, 4x USB 2.0
• A serial port / comport, possibly necessary for card payment terminals or fiscal printers
• network card
• Keyboard and mouse are best connected to avoid battery problems.

All workstations should be protected against power outage and power fluctuations with a UPS, if they are in a region with frequent power down occurrences. We recommend always protecting the system with the SQL Server database with a UPS.

Point-of-sale screen

A 16: 9 screen with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels as well as touch surface is recommended.


We recommend purchasing point-of-sale products exclusively from Clarity & Success, otherwise compatibility issues may occur.

Workplace screen:

21 inch, with a resolution of 1680x1050 pixels or higher.

Hardware peripherals

The hardware distributed by Clarity & Success is proven and it is recommended you purchase these, otherwise additional software license fees may be incurred.

Not all printers are supported by specific software, not all list printers, vouchers, printer cartridges, bar code scanners, label printers, cameras, signature pads, payment terminals for credit cards, visitor counters, customer displays etc.

If you already have hardware and would like to continue using it with Clarity & Success, please speak with Clarity & Success support for compatibility and to carry out a test.

Any hardware peripherals connected to your computer or network require the appropriate slot. Please make sure that you have sufficient and correct connections for the connection.

Dedicated hardware server

We recommend a separate database server, starting from three workstations (also with the Express version) or from the use of the SQL SERVER 2016 (Standard or Enterprise), which is not operating. This is to prevent the server from being unintentionally driven down and preventing other workstations and cash registers from working, since offline work is not provided.

The server should have the following:


• Operating system: Windows 10 Professional or Windows Server 2012 R2 64 Bit upwards
• Hard disks: at least 250 GB, SSD in the RAID 1 network (mirrored)
• Memory: 8 GB or better
• CPU: Intel Core i5 or better (min 2GHz)


The server must be protected against power failure and power fluctuations with a UPS.

Operating system

From Microsoft Windows 8 up to Windows 10 is supported. Newer operating systems or Windows 10 function updates must be requested in writing to Clarity & Success but may not be used easily.

Apple and Linux are not supported. Virtual Windows machines on these operating systems are not recommended for permanent use and cannot support peripheral devices.

SQL Server License

The Clarity & Success software products work with a SQL Server 2016 database.

You will receive a free license from MS SQL SERVER 2016 Express. The customer has no access to the database, which is automatically deactivated by the Clarity & Success software, even if the customer was previously the administrator of the SQL server. Clarity & Success installs its own SQL Server control. It is not necessary for the customer to install its own SQL Server. If the customer already owns their own SQL Server control, Clarity & Success needs to installs its own control for security.

For customers with large amounts of data (for example, more than 10 workstations or long-term use of the software), we recommend a stronger SQL SERVER 2016, e.g. the versions Standard or Enterprise, which support several CPUs and more memory. These OEM SQL Server versions can be purchased from Clarity & Success and are to be used exclusively by the Clarity & Success software. If the customer has installed a separate SQL SERVER 2016 version standard or Enterprise, then you must create your own control for the Clarity & Success software on which only the software has access rights and, must have sufficient workplace access licenses.

There is no read and write permission on the SQL Server instance of Clarity & Success software products. Should this be necessary, Clarity & Success interfaces or web services can be programmed for the customer, which are not included in maintenance contracts.

Software peripherals

Our Clarity & Success software works closely with Microsoft Office products.
It supports Word, Excel, and Outlook as of 2013.
The .NET Framework 4.5 or higher is required to run the Clarity & SuccessCLARITY & SUCCESS software.
A PDF printer in a current version is recommended.

What kind of network is the right one?

If you use CLARITY & SUCCESS on several computers in your company, these computers must be networked so that the main database is made available to all workstations. There are many different ways of networking, and if you select a concept that is inappropriate for you, you will have to face a huge administrative burden and high costs. Large companies with dozens or even hundreds of employees can afford to work with very complex networks, as they employ specially trained staff to maintain and manage the network. The typical situation in a jewellery shop looks very different. Only a small network with few users is required. Such a network should be straightforward and easy to understand, since only in the rarest cases a computer expert will be present among the employees. If you are working with an overly complicated network, you run the risk of having to get a specialist for each small adjustment and change of setting - and this will become very expensive in the long run. The increased data security of large networks, which is often emphasized by traders, is not necessary, since the authorizations of the individual employees are assigned directly in the Clarity & Success program. Access protection on the user level in the network is therefore not necessary. In order to keep the network uncomplicated. Note the following: If you have four workstations, you do not need a dedicated (separate) server. A peer-to-peer system with equal workplace computers, one of which operates as a server, is completely sufficient. Do not create different profiles at the workstations, but only a single user who has all permissions. The privileges of individual employees are regulated within the Clarity & Success software by the owner. Profiles are only common in large networks. For jewellers they are not necessary and can even lead to considerable problems. Install the same operating system on all computers on your network. A mixture of systems can lead to serious problems.

Network LAN:

If you are using more than one PC in your business, you must also have a local area network (LAN). This is mandatory for all connected fixed / stationary equipment.

Cable rating from 1 GBIT / sec speed for image data transfer and digital documents.

We recommend that you have an electrician or computer technician to install and set up the network to ensure that it works both safely and properly. Make sure your computer network cards match the speed of your network infrastructure.

Network WLAN Wifi:

This is required if the customer wants to work with a Wifi connected notebook or tablet or smartphone. Not recommended for fixed / stationary workstations.

Sufficient transmission / coverage in all required areas of the shop with Wifi amplifiers / boosters.

Use of the n-WLAN standard (IEEE 802.11n).

Cloud Server:

In general, we recommend that your business database be operated with you in your protected premises. Because the Clarity & Success software stores data on a SQL Server, you can also store this data on a Cloud Server connected to the Internet.

The Cloud Server is to be rented from Clarity & Success for Clarity & Success to install, configure and maintain. The server is located in Germany. The Clarity & Success Cloud Server provides space for multiple customers on different servers . The customer does not have access rights to SQL Server.

For customers outside Germany, you must rent a server yourself and at your own expense and obtain written agreement from Clarity & Success and give Clarity & Success permanent access. The installation is done exclusively by Clarity & Success. You will be charged monthly for your own cloud server. The customer has no access rights to SQL Server.

Branch Organisation

An Internet connection is required for the networking of several branches. This is where the Clarity & Success DTS software is used.

Data Backup

Data backup is a MUST for every customer.

In general, a daily incremental backup is recommended.

Our Clarity & Success software makes a backup of the SQL Server database every day on the first start (per day) and saves it in the default directory (Backupdb.exe). To prevent an unlimited number of backups from saving on the hard disk, the user must integrate BackupClean.exe into your Task Scheduler and run once every day.

Since the backups generated by the Clarity & Success software itself are stored on the same hard disk as the database, it is necessary to additionally integrate external backups.

Data backup might require additional hardware or the use of an online service. Please consult your local technician.

Clarity & Success offers a chargeable automated data backup service, which also stores the backups daily on a cloud server.

The responsibility for any data backups and their control and checking for recoverability is the customer's sole responsibility.

All data related to the Clarity & Success software should be backed up, including: SQL Server, images, document paths and template paths, inventory, any content from the server's software folder CS.

Installation of SQL Server on a dedicated server


For external data storage we recommend an electronic media backup with weekday electronic media and archived monthly electronic media. The customer is responsible for this backup.

Installation of SQL Server on a workstation:


In general, we recommend that the workstation that runs SQL Server have a hard disk Raid 1 network.


As an external data storage, we recommend two 2.5 inch SSD USB 3.0 external hard disks, which are used in a weekly change and the unused space is safely stored outside the business premises. To store the data on this hard drive, we recommend the Acronis Backup software in the latest version.

Installation on a Cloud Server:


Cloud Servers have several hard disks, which are used at the same time and thus cater for the failure of any hard disk. If the server should fail, there are daily backups of this server available on the server provider‘s responsibility.

Remote maintenance:

For your support, Clarity & Success uses TeamViewer as remote access maintenance software. TeamViewer QuickSupport is installed together with Clarity & Success software on the customer's computer and can be accessed directly from the Clarity & Success application.

If the customer is installing his own version of the TeamViewer software, make sure to install only one version that is currently used by Clarity & Success. Otherwise, Clarity & Success will no longer be able to perform remote maintenance.

All other remote maintenance software is not supported by Clarity & Success.


A permanent Internet access is required for at least one workstation or server. Updates and license data will be exchanged. The cost of the Internet is paid by the customer user. The speed should be at least DSL 384 Kbit / s (ADSL).

If the customer wants to access data from outside (e.g. data input from home) from the LAN / network, at least a speed of 6,000 Kbit / s download rate or 1024 Kbit / s upload rate (ADSL) is recommended (e.g. to be realized with SDSL or its derivatives). In addition, a fixed public IP address of the provider or a DYNDNS address is required at the customer cost.

Many valuable software features such as notifications, email, built-in credit card processing, remote support and downloading updates require a reliable high-speed Internet connection. In addition, a high-speed Internet connection is strongly recommended to ensure that Clarity & Success can provide the best level of Internet access support.

If you have two or more business premises and want to have them connected in a multi-store configuration, then a high-speed Internet connection is also urgently required in all. Please contact Clarity & Success support for advice if you cannot get a stable and fast Internet for all sites.

Router / Firewall:

If you wish to access your data remotely via Internet connection, you must protect your computer systems in the store from unwanted attacks from the outside with a firewall.

We recommend the use of freely configurable and high-quality routers (e.g. LANCOM, FritzBox, SpeedPort) with the following functions:


DHCP enabled, port forwarding (SQL Server communication), integrated firewall.

Clarity & Success must be granted administrator access to your system via the Internet.

In the case of business Internet connections, you may not have access to the routers. This should be clarified beforehand by conversing with Clarity & Success support.


If you have activated a content, MAC or Internet filter, this can have a negative impact on the speed of the network or the Internet.

Virus scanner:

Each computer must have a current and valid virus scanner license that does not interfere with the flow of the Clarity & Success software.

AVIRA is strongly recommended as a virus protection and can be purchased from Clarity & Success.

Only one virus protection may be active.

Using a different virus scanner than AVIRA, our support will not able be to assist you in case of emergencies just as: No download of updates, no performing of updates, no start of programs, software is not running etc.

Loyalty Programme

Our Clarity & Success customer loyalty program requires an Internet connection to all computers used. This requires licenses for the Cloud SQL Server per workstation.

APPs such as BERLIN mobile POS

The BERLIN app is a software which can be installed on iOS 13 from Apple and Android 10.0 on smartphones and tablets. We recommend a screen of minimum 5 inch, a working memory of at least 2 GB as well as a processor as of Quadcore or faster as well as sufficient free internal memory for the local storage of the product images.

BERLIN can only be used in conjunction with the Clarity & Success jeweller management software from Clarity & Success version 3.0 and the Bronze Module (contact Clarity & Success Support), as well as a configured Wifi and Internet connection and an iIS server (for the Clarity & Success BERLIN webservice) from Microsoft From Windows 10 professional is inclusive.

An installed web service is necessary for the function of the app, Clarity & Success can arrange with costs paid for by the client.

The connection to the web service is provided by the following measures for data security: SSL certificate.

Storage of the data: On the app, information regarding jewellery products and customer data is stored temporarily only during the runtime of the app. When you exit the app, this data is deleted. The data is requested and displayed only in portions by the web service. The data is stored in the SQL Server database of the jeweler management software.

In the ISS server you can set whether the app is only to be used in the local Wifi or worldwide in the Internet.

LST (Live Sales Tracker):

Our Live Sales Tracker requires an Internet connection to an operating computer. This requires access to licenses for the Cloud SQL Server per workstation.

Point-of-sale terminals

POS Payment stations and the like. For credit cards as well as magnetic strip, NFC, smart card readers: If you want to use the integrated credit card processing feature of Clarity & Success, you must coordinate and agree with us the selection of the payment provider, the purchase of the hardware and the connectability with Clarity & Success. Not all devices are compatible and Clarity & Success support can tell you which systems from your country are compatible with our software. It is not always guaranteed that devices are compatible for any country on the globe. A monthly / yearly fee for support and updates is required to use the payment terminal interface.

However, each payment terminal can also be operated in parallel without a direct connection to the point-of-sale terminal, by directly typing the amount into the device.

The costs for payment terminals and transactions shall be borne by the customer.

Video monitoring:

When installing a video surveillance system, a network cable with PoE must be provided at the location of the cameras. The cable must lead to an accessible switch or to the router of the store. The installation instructions must also be observed.

For recording, which is preferably performed only during movement, a special video recording disk with 3 TB data memory from Clarity & Success is recommended. The software is installed on the PC of the SQL server and the PC must always be switched on.

For image viewing of the cameras over the Internet (e.g. smartphone), the router configuration must be adapted accordingly by portforwarding from Clarity & Success.

Visitor Counter

When installing a visitor frequency counter above an entrance door, a network cable with PoE must be provided at the location of the device. The cable must lead to an accessible switch or to the router of the store. The installation instructions must also be observed by contact with Clarity & Success support.

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