Christopher Evans Jewellers give the highest recommendation to CLARITY & SUCCESS!

Christopher Evans Master Goldsmith

Unique and individual signage compliments the Jewellers bespoke service

A warm inviting interior awaits customers at Christopher Evans

Christopher Evans Jewellers are a master goldsmith business: designers of bespoke jewellery with two shops in the North West of England – Poynton and Warrington.


Chris and his team not only design stunning jewellery, but each piece is hand-crafted on the premises, they also stock a carefully curated selection of fine and fashion jewellery and watches from some of Europe’s best designers.


A Jeweller who provides only the best also wants the best for themselves and this includes a system to manage such a personal, high quality business.


Store manager, Nicky Acton, manages the day to day processes and was using an Industry specific software but explains, “Our existing software wasn’t working for us, it was very inflexible. It wouldn’t have moved forward with any changes we were going to implement with regards to e-commence without a hefty cost.  It was a referral from another jeweller who used CLARITY & SUCCESS and couldn’t speak highly enough about it that prompted me to contact them.  We’d looked at a couple of other companies but the staff and systems just didn’t fit with us. Karen and the team at CLARITY & SUCCESS were just a breath of fresh air from the beginning”.


The next step was to attend a training session prior to their live date.  Nicky visited the CLARITY & SUCCESS White House and spent a day learning the basics which she found “Brilliant - fun, informative and useful. Not too much info so you forgot things, just enough to get you going with confidence”.


All the data from their current system was migrated to a clean CLARITY & SUCCESS install and their current labels did not require replacement meaning they switched overnight without any interruption to business.


Nicky and the team at both stores use the system comprehensively for stock management, transfer between stores, sales, invoicing and repairs.  Nicky finds it hard to pinpoint one particular aspect of the system that is her favourite, since there are so many.


“All the features I presently know about and have used are my favourites” she says.  “However, then I progress further and find it can perform another great function and that then becomes my current favourite.  It just gets better and better!”


Of course, any system is only as good as its after sales support and Nicky is as enthusiastic about this as the system itself.


“The ongoing support is great, the support team are reliable and easily reachable and are a mine of information, only too pleased to help you out.  The remote maintenance is so simple, they just ask permission to access the computer, connect up and work on it right in from of you. It’s very simple!”


Would Nicky recommend CLARITY & SUCCESS?  Not just yes, not even 100% yes – but a resounding 110% absolutely YES!